HAVEN: Dorian Missick on Bringing Some Big City Drama to the Sleepy Town in Season 3 (2012)

DM1Even in a town as odd as Haven, things can get just a bit odder when someone new comes to town. In this case, when Detective Tommy Bowen tracks the trail of a murderer all the way to Haven, not only does he have a few secrets of his own, but his arrival offers a unique chance to see how an outsider views all the “troubles” plaguing Haven. Fortunately, for Tommy, not much fazes him; after all, that’s what being a cop is all about: dealing with the unusual, the unexpected and the downright spooky.

Given such an interesting role to play, Dorian Missick had a ball working on the third season of HAVEN. Looking through Tommy’s eyes, Haven is just a very weird place with even weirder inhabitants. The “did I just see that?” reaction of Dorian, as Tommy, is priceless. As fans and viewers of HAVEN, we have grown accustomed to seeing giant balls roll down Main Street and seeing entire buildings collapse right before our eyes. But, by all accounts, those things are not normal.

So Detective Tommy Bowen is a breath of fresh air and watching him acclimate to what “normal” is in HAVEN offers some great comedy. Interestingly, Tommy may have come to Haven to investigate a crime, but even once that gets wrapped up, Tommy decides that perhaps Haven holds a bit of appeal for him. After all, Haven is not a place you visit; it is a place you look for ways to call home. It lays claim to those who wander, those who seek, and those who are just curious – and Tommy is mighty curious about the strange events going on in Haven. For the second you solve one mystery; another one tends to be right around the corner; and for a police detective, that is downright addictive.

In a recent exclusive interview, Dorian Missick talked about Tommy’s curious role to play in the mysteries of HAVEN.

As Dorian reveals, Haven’s “troubles” have definitely piqued Tommy’s interest. Unfortunately, not knowing who all the players are, Tommy soon becomes embroiled in The Guard; and this creates immediate friction between him and Duke, as Duke is not a fan of The Guard and whatever trouble they seem to be stirring up. So Tommy has inadvertently found himself on the wrong side of things and it will remain to be seen if he can safely extricate himself from it. He also noted that there is no “bromance” or love lost between Tommy and Duke in HAVEN, because Duke does not trust Tommy from the minute he arrives in town and the sparks immediately fly.

For Dorian, working on HAVEN was a dream come true for him. Ever since his childhood, he has been drawn to work that allows his imagination to roam, and HAVEN is the type of show where there are no boundaries on imagination. Anything can happen and frequently does. However, despite the freedom to create and being part of such a rich creative world, Dorian laughingly admitted that it was a more physical role than he is accustomed. Fortunately, he relished mixing it up a bit with long-time friend Eric Balfour, as they both enjoy physical roles and for an opportunity to show off their skills.

Interestingly, it was not just fictional ghosts plaguing HAVEN this season, but as Dorian shared, they had some spooky encounters while filming the show’s Halloween episode this year – which just happened to be filmed in a real haunted house. The circumstances of filming that particular episode lent itself to a sense of the unnatural with night shoots, animals in the walls, and other uncomfortable conditions. Though, funny enough, the one thing that helped dispel the creepy ghost vibes was the fact that particular episode was directed by former teen heart-throb Jason Priestley, who helped keep the casts’ spirits up and made the whole experience a lot more fun than it might have been – and Dorian was mightily amused by how his co-stars reacted whenever Jason was around. Once a heart-throb, always a heart-throb!

Tommy is like a force of nature. He arrives in a whirlwind and manages to draw everyone around him into his orbit. Maybe it is Tommy’s curious nature, maybe it is something about Tommy that draws everyone into his path. But one thing is certain: Tommy’s presence is going to be felt throughout Haven. Even Audrey does not escape Tommy, as he has a special affinity for her. He respects her, but senses that there is a lot more going on with her than she lets on, which is a connection they share. Thus, innately, both understand that there is more going on with each other than what is on the surface. The dance between Tommy and Audrey shall be fascinating to watch unfold.

As for what to expect at season three rushes towards its big finale, Dorian warns that while there will be a lot of mysteries answered, that cliffhanger will leave everyone breathless.

So to join in on the HAVEN adventure, be sure to tune in for the Season 3 premiere on Friday, September 21st at 10PM on Syfy (Friday February 28th at 9PM on Showcase in Canada) – and be prepared for Dorian’s grand entrance as Detective Tommy Bowen in the October 5th episode.

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