A Look Back at HAVEN Season 2: Doppelgangers, Tattoos, and the Troubled (2012)


Season 1 of HAVEN was mind-blowing enough with Audrey Parker’s introduction to the weird, mysterious and downright scary inhabitants of Haven, Maine. But after surviving the myriad of challenging situations and becoming accustomed to how “different” people are in Haven, Audrey (Emily Rose) was thrown an even bigger curveball in the season one finale: another Audrey Parker. Having come face to face with that shocking revelation, the second season opened with Audrey squared off against another woman claiming to be FBI agent Audrey Parker (Kathleen Munroe). As the mystery of “who was the real Audrey Parker” was unraveled, Audrey’s own identity was put in question as clearly the other woman was who she claimed to be and it was looking more and more like Audrey was really the same person as Lucy, the woman who had visited 27 years earlier when the last round of “troubles” had plagued Haven.

So while Season 1 was about discovery what was going on with Haven, Season 2 was all about identity – and not just for Audrey. Duke Crocker (Eric Balfour) and Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant) may have known exactly who they were, but they had yet to figure out who they were in relation to the “troubles” in Haven and what their relationships were with Audrey. Duke was no longer just the local bad boy acting as the town smuggler, as he found out that it was him family legacy to be a “reaper.” It was his destiny to kill the “troubled,” regardless of whether they posed any harm or not. Similarly, Nathan had to step up and fill the void left by his deceased father, the former police chief of Haven and take on the mantle of simultaneously protecting Haven from the “troubled” and protecting the “troubled” from religious zealots seeking to kill them all. Duke and Nathan were found themselves not only on opposite sides of the law, but in their personal destinies – and they were both vying for Audrey’s romantic attention.

But as each new clue led to another revelation, it was becoming apparent that if they were all going to survive this latest round of “troubles,” that they would need to work together. They would have to put aside their differences and find a way to walk the fine line to protect everyone from this latest wave of oddities and flaring emotions that could destroy the entire town and every person in it. There were political opportunists and religious zealots looking to exploit the fear that had arisen between the “troubled” and the unafflicted, and the uneasy alliance between Audrey, Nathan and Duke was the only thing keeping a lid on the boiling tension threatening to erupt. Also introduced as the town’s “cleaner,” Dwight Hendrickson (Adam Copeland) proved to be a valuable ally in containing and cleaning up “troubled” situations. He had worked tirelessly with Nathan’s father to keep Haven “trouble” free and to fix each problem as it arose and was bound and determined to do the same under Nathan’s watch.

Adding to our quartet of heroes were the brothers Vince (Richard Donat) and Dave Teagues (John Dunsworth), the local newspapermen who knew more than they cared to share. Haven’s secrets that had been thought dead and buried were literally coming back to haunt them all. Even Duke’s estranged ex-wife Evi (Vinessa Antoine) made an appearance with a hidden agenda that cost her dearly when bullets began to fly in the escalating war for control. But whether new to Haven or not, no one was going to escape the Haven curse. The “troubles” had returned and it was starting a war.

So as Audrey struggled with figuring out who she really was and, if she was the woman known as Lucy all those years ago, why had she returned now and what was her place in this new world of Haven – Duke also had to confront two horrifying revelations: one, he had been told he would die at the hands of a tattooed man, and two, it was his destiny to kill the “troubled” – not a role he was particularly interested in performing, necessary or not.

But as the second season came to a roaring conclusion, there were not as many answers as there were more questions raised. They may have been successful in averting a witch-hunt and outright war in Haven, but the tipping point back into the chaos may be the abduction of Audrey. Finally willing to risk dipping their toes into the pool of a possible romance, Nathan arrived at Audrey’s apartment to find her door open and signs that Audrey had been forcibly taken. Enraged and grief stricken, Nathan raced to Duke’s boat to find out what Duke had done with Audrey. As Nathan and Duke struggled over the gun, a shot rang out. Season 2 ended on this blisteringly uncertain note and fans are currently anxiously awaiting Season 3 of HAVEN, which returns September 21st on Syfy.

In the meantime, for those wishing to catch up on or relive this spine-tingling series, the Season 2 DVD will be available as of Tuesday, September 4th. It is a good time to rediscover the show that has proven to be addictive, tantalizing and best of all, spine-chilling. In HAVEN, the “troubled” may be the harbingers of disaster, but they also may be a key to an astounding mystery.

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