GRIMM’s Twisted Fairytales and the Kiss the Rocked the Fandom (2012)


For a show that is about classic fairytales, it is hard to be surprised. But GRIMM did just that by turning the Cinderella story of Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) and his bride-to-be Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) on its head. We knew the minute that Juliette got that poisoned cat scratch and fell into a coma in the first season finale, that Adalind (Claire Coffee) had something very devious in mind to get back at the Grimm who had stolen her Hexenbiest identity. So as the second season opened with Juliette lying peacefully in her hospital bed, there was an air of foreboding hovering over her as she opened her blackened eyes.

It then became a race against the clock in the 2-part storyarc as Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner) tried to ascertain not only what was wrong with Juliette, but how it could be fixed. With each revelation, something more terrifying was revealed. First, they learned that the poison was erasing Juliette’s memories; then they learned that while they could stop the memory-erosion, they did not have a cure.

Fortunately, other forces were at work to help Juliette as Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz) and Adalind’s mother came up with a concoction to awaken the sleeping beauty. It would only take but one kiss – from a prince. Lucky for Juliette, there just so happened to be a bonafide prince of Wesen-origin close at hand. Captain Renard’s origins may not be exactly crystal clear yet, but he is most definitely a prince. It was both with simultaneous horror and relief as we watched him lean in, kiss Juliette, and then quietly slipped away as she awoke.

What is it to save the one you love if they awaken and do not know who you are? This is Nick’s curse. His beloved is alive and well, but with no memory of him. Plus, there are the additional complications of what kinds of residual feelings did the miracle potion instill in Juliette? Shall she have unexplainable yearnings to be with the mysterious prince who saved her?

This strange turn of events has tilted the GRIMM world upside down. Will Nick be able to properly fulfill his destiny and protect the citizens of Portland from the less than circumspect Wesen creatures seeking only to satisfy their desires if he is distracted by a love he has lost? Surely there must be another miracle just waiting to be discovered to help reawaken or restore Juliette’s memories of her life with Nick. After all, it is their love that has kept Nick from spiraling out of control in the past year as he discovered his Grimm-abilities and took on the burden of solving the most bizarre crimes to cross the police blotter in their formerly sleepy community.

Having recently seen the lonely and driven existence that his own mother has been forced to live because she chose her Grimm destiny over her own family, Nick surely cannot survive without his destined love. Juliette may be human, but she is the person who makes Nick whole. It would be cruel to their love crushed by the petty wrath of a former Hexenbiest.

GRIMM has dared to twist the classic fairytales and give each a new spin. But somehow we all thought the tale of Nick as Prince Charming and Juliette as his destiny princess were written in the stars. It has rocked our world that there may another “prince” threatening to destroy their happiness – albeit a reluctant prince, who only intervened to save Juliette’s life. But what would that do if Nick and Juliette did not end up together? If Juliette is perhaps now destined to be another man’s princess, who may there be out there for Nick?

Our minds are spinning at the possibilities and we are dizzy considering the repercussions. Is it too much to ask that GRIMM allow us this one fairytale ending? Or should we know better because these GRIMM tales are not the fairytales that we tell our children. These are the real fairytales and those stories are a bit more disturbing than we care to consider. Does Prince Charming lose the girl in this version of the Grimm fairytale? It breaks our heart.

Here’s to hoping that GRIMM does not venture much further down such a dark path. But if it does, be still our frantically beating hearts. All cannot be lost. There must be an answer out there in the darkness just waiting to be discovered.

To see if Nick is indeed successful in reclaiming the heart of his true love, be sure to tune in for an all new episode of GRIMM on Monday, August 27th at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. Does Nick need his own “true love’s kiss” to break this curse?

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