Critic’s Choice Television Awards (2012)

CCABeing TheTVaddict’s first year attending the BTJA (Broadcast Television Journalist Awards) 2nd annual awards celebration, the event proved to be eye-opening and fun experience on many levels.

The Venue

Held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, it was a star-studded event where arrivals were greeted with police dogs searching incoming cars for any unwanted materials. There was also an impressive contingent of police, security and other protective “suits” patrolling about to ensure that the special guests, celebrities, and other VIP’s were kept securely sequestered from the roaming fans who had managed to slip through and had their faces pressed up against the hotel’s front lobby glass windows.


Even as a member of the press, it was a bit daunting and yet spine-tinglingly wonderful. To be allowed to attend and cover this particular event was a privilege and we wanted to experience it all. So after check-in was concluded and the appropriate credentials and wristband provided, it was time to find our designated space on the pressline. Like most “red carpet” events, there is an actual red carpet that is rolled out indicating where the talent will be made available to the approved press attendees. Once our designated spot was ascertained, it was only a matter of waiting for the guest arrivals. Photographers and television crews set up their bulky, cumbersome equipment knocking elbows trying to maximize their allocated spaces, while print press and online media tried to fit themselves into the tight spots up against the various marble walls behind the velvet ropes.

Talent Arrivals

Once the talent and special guests began to arrive there was the usual flurry of activity and flash of bright lights as the photographers scrambled to get photos of each new arrival. Then it was the parade of stars down the pressline to the awaiting press. Due to the tight time-constraints, it is a melee as everyone vies for the attention of the publicists and studio representatives in order to secure a moment or two with the talent. With a little luck and good timing, one will be blessed with a chance to talk to a few of the talent before they are herded off the red carpet and into the awaiting “green room” where they wait before the doors to the event officially open.

Being online media is a tricky feat to persuade the harangued talent that they want to venture beyond the television cameras and grace the print/online media with a few precious moments chatting about the event, the nominations, and if at all possible obtain a sound-bite about their show for which they are being honored. So as the print/online media anxiously awaited their turn to try to catch the increasingly fatigued and surprisingly camera-shy talent, it was a miracle that a few of the stars did take the time to make their way all the way down the pressline.


A few of the braver stars who showed greater stamina than their peers were FRINGE’s John Noble and COUGAR TOWN’s Josh Hopkins. They graciously took the time to talk with all the available press and seemed happy to do so. Thus, it was with great pleasure that we were able to chat briefly with each.


After such a momentous season and on the heels of the announcement that the show’s 5th season would be its last, it was fortuitous to talk briefly with star John Noble about his role as Walter Bishop and his Emmy-worthy performance in the episodes “Letters of Transit” and “Worlds Apart.”


It was also such a delight to talk with star Josh Hopkins about his show’s move from ABC to TBS and the charming wedding scene in this season’s finale.


Also deserving special props for their enthusiastic interviews and taking the time to share their joy over their first nomination for Best Animation Series were the talent behind Cartoon Network’s STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS. It was a privilege to talk with director Dave Filoni, writer Katie Lucas and voice actors James Arnold Taylor and Ashley Eckstein about the show that had captured the imagination of a new generation of STAR WARS fans:

Voice actors James Arnold Taylor and Ashley Eckstein were just adorable as they happily posed for a candid photo.


Another guest deserving special mention was PERSON OF INTEREST star Michael Emerson who was attending in support of his wife Carrie Preston who was nominated for her work on the drama series THE GOOD WIFE. Michael did not want to steal his wife’s deserved limelight, and thus was gallantly standing off the side as she was interviewed by the press. However, it seemed wasteful for such a preeminent actor to stand by idly, especially after his new series ended its freshman year in such a spectacular fashion, so it was a treat when I was able to catch his attention and he came over to chat to help pass the time. It was a rare treat to talk about the joys of the world of LOST, remark on the success and surprising twists in PERSON OF INTEREST and speculate about how Michael’s character Harold Finch will escape his harrowing predicament next season. (Especially since, Amy Acker’s character Root is living up to her name superbly by showing signs of being “the root of all evil.”)

It was a fun way to top off a night jammed with celebrity-sightings, gorgeous finery, and jubilant celebration. A list of all the night’s winners may be found HERE.

Here are also a few more fun photos from the evening’s event. Enjoy! ‘Til next year . . .

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