SUITS: EP Gene Klein Interview re Season 2

Executive Producer Gene Klein (photo credit: Ben Mark Holzberg)

As keeper of the show’s secrets, it was a tricky task trying to get executive producer Gene Klein to share a few teasers about what to expect through the upcoming second season of SUITS.  But at a recent set visit, he did reveal a few nuggets about why it was time for Mike Ross’ secret to be revealed and where he sees the journey of Mike and Harvey ultimately going as the charade continues.

Patrick Adams (photo credit: Nigel Parry)

Why Reveal Mike’s Secret Now?

GENE:  I thought it was great because there’s only so long you can do that tap-dance of:  when is someone going to find out?  And really, at the end of the day, we’ve only let one person in on the secret.  There are still many, many more that we can let in.  So we’ve let the cat out of the bag a little bit, but I think in a very honest way.  It then still leaves a lot of places for us to go.  Like I’m looking forward to the day when Rachel finds out.

Where is Mike and Harvey’s Relationship Headed?

GENE: The biggest idea that we’ve talked about since the beginning of the show has been that it is Mike’s journey.  Because in the pilot, it is his point of view and so much of what happens in the firm you see through his eyes.  So I think the series questions in general about Mike: what’s going to happen to him? Because you’re invested in: how exactly is this going to work out for him? I think for Harvey, because of the kind of guy that he is, you don’t really question whether things are going to work out for Harvey or not.  It seems on the face of it that things always work out for Harvey — and it’s fun to test that in a episode-to-episode.  But I think what you wonder about Harvey is: what made him this way? And I think that’s the fun.  So I think going forward I think you will find out a lot about the relationship.  But the essence is: what’s going to happen to Mike and how did Harvey get to be Harvey?  So we view their relationship through that prism.

Different Reasons Harvey and Donna Drawn to Mike

GENE:  They both they both like Mike for different reasons.  I mean it’s safe to say it’s complicated for both of them. On the surface, Harvey likes Mike for his raw intellectual horsepower and Donna is more drawn to the sympathetic part of Mike. But you can’t really separate them, it’s all one guy.

Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht (photo credit: Nigel Parry)

Jessica’s Journey

GENE:  There’s great stuff coming. Where you see it starting is a lot of what she has to do with regards to work is maintaining the thing that she’s built — and can keep her boys here at the same time.  That’s the thing you all want to see:  to see them all work in the same firm.

Balancing the Comedy and Drama

GENE: It’s something we’re very aware of.  We work a lot on editing the show and making sure that the transitions from scene-to-scene work in the scene are in the right order both to tell the story and for the kind of issues you’re talking about does that scene along right up against the other.  Its sometimes comic relief right after something very dramatic is exactly what the audience needs and other times it doesn’t seem appropriate.  When you get it right, that’s what people love about the show.


GENE: USA Network usually does some sort of web effort, they’re not always webisodes. I think it’s like this effort that we’re making on SUITS is a lot different than COVERT AFFAIRS, for example.  It originated as like a marketing initiative.  I think Aaron [Korsh]’s approach to it was like, “I don’t want to do them unless they are awesome.”  So I think that the general approach that they had was they were talking about different episodes for this year and some of them may have come up last year to.  But the general idea was the most awesome funny scenes that for whatever reason they are not didn’t fit in an episode.  And sometimes that will be obvious like that scene would’ve been in that episode and other times it might not be.  But most of them were generated by the writers thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could?”  And the webisodes gave them an outlet. I’d say they’re all ridiculously funny. I have to say they’re that good.

Dealing With the Hardman Problem

GENE:  Mike and Harvey are the heart-and-soul of the show, so I think it’s safe to say that they’ll both be at the center of it.  I think what you see in the premiere is all the about the firm dynamics shifting. I think it’s safe to say that different people try to take advantage of it at different times. I’m trying to tease without telling you anything but you’ll picking up on the seeds that were planted in the pilot.

To see exactly how the Hardman problem arises and what it means for Mike, Harvey and Jessica as this second season of SUITS unfolds, be sure to tune in for its return on Thursday, June 14th at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network.


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