SUITS: Sarah Rafferty Interview re Season 2 (2012)

Sarah Rafferty (photo credit: Ben Mark Holzberg)

Donna is the super secretary extraordinaire on the USA Network drama series SUITS.  She is also the right-hand confidante of hot-shot attorney Harvey Spector, who finds himself in some serious trouble this next season.  While attending a recent set visit for SUITS, star Sarah Rafferty carefully teased what kinds of thorny trouble both Harvey and Donna find themselves entangled and the ripple-effects it may have throughout the second season.

Sarah Rafferty (photo credit: Nigel Parry)

What’s Up With Donna

SARAH: I was surprised to find out that Donna, who I like to say is always right and I enjoy that aspect of her.  But she’s not always right.  In episode 5, she gets [Harvey] wrong.  She totally gets it wrong, and I think that’s incredibly confusing to her.  I think she’s just always been right, always dotted her t’s and crossed her I’s. She’s really thrown by something that happens and then there’s that kind of lingering confusion and doubt and remorse are there.  So it’s a good opportunity for that mask to kind of fall.  I mean, Donna loves putting on different masks.  She’s an actress.  She likes role-playing in that way, in an actory way and you can see that.  You get a chance to see that fall away.

Sarah Rafferty (photo credit: Nigel Parry)

Donna and Harvey’s Relationship

SARAH:  Another really thing that I think is really great about Donna — and sometimes a person’s greatest quality can be their biggest flaw  — she’s intensely loyal and brave in her loyalty.  She’s sort of doggedly loyal.  She knows that she knows Harvey better than anybody and knows how he’s going to behave, understands that he’s a moral guy.  She understands how loyal he is and what he will do on behalf of his friends and loved ones.  So there is a situation where her loyalty is thrown tremendously tested.  She goes as far as she possibly can to protect him and that can maybe cloud her judgment a little bit.  They go way back.  They were at the DA’s office together and that’s when they became the team.

Hardman’s Return

SARAH:  I think with Hardman, the balance of power gets thrown off and I think for Harvey and Jessica that it’s complicated.  Everything becomes so much more political and so much more delicate and you have to really try to understand where people’s allegiances are and that kind of thing. I think Lewis’ character is caught in that in a way that’s really dynamic.  I think introducing Hardman just makes all the relationships more dynamic in a way.  I think it’s really exciting.

Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht (photo credit: Nigel Parry)

On Mike Piercing Harvey and Donna’s Armor

SARAH: Mike – at first you’re drawn to his brain and his talent and he’s very charismatic.  But he’s right, like he does see through.  There’s something about Mike too though that he, for Donna, is like a little brother quality.  And Donna gets the opportunity to see a little bit of the qualities of Harvey from the past.  There’s some qualities that they share. Also Mike and Donna can share an understanding of who Harvey is together.  Like they’re like on the same team.

Fan Reaction

SARAH: I think people are connecting to [Donna’s] sense of humor; her wit.  I mean, I wish I could think as fast as she can.  She’s just quick.  She works in a man’s world but she doesn’t feel like she’s competing with men.  She’s a full woman.  It’s not even about that.  She’s who she is in this world. I think people are connecting to her wit and her confidence.  That’s kind of got it’s own sort of sexiness.  That kind of like strength and going toe to toe with anybody.

While hinted at, just what kind of trouble Donna and Harvey land in the middle of is still unclear.  But if it has the entire firm of Pearson Hardman shaking in their boots, it’s bad.  It’s real bad.  Thus, be sure to tune in for the 2nd season premiere of SUITS on Thursday, June 14th at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network to see what legal quicksand they are struggling with all season long.


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