SUITS: Gabriel Macht Interview re Season 2 (2012)

Gabriel Macht (photo credit: Ben Mark Holzberg)

Life has never been as exciting for super-star attorney Harvey Spector.  Last season he began the ultimate game of chess after agreeing to hire Mike Ross as an attorney working at his firm – blatantly ignoring the fact that Mike had never attended one day at law school, let alone passed the bar exam allowing him to practice law.  It was more than just a game of chance.  It was a strategic move — not only to see if Harvey could pass Mike off as an attorney, but could mold him into one along the way.  The stakes and risks made it too tempting and so the long-con began.

Yet as Season 1 ended, the game may be up with one of Mike’s friends blowing the whistle on Mike’s secret.  The question of the second season will be whether Harvey will abandon Mike to salvage his own career or will he stand by Mike to face whatever consequences there may be for their audacious game?  Better yet, will there be even bigger threats that Harvey must face as his own past comes back to haunt him? At a recent set visit, star Gabriel Macht shared how Harvey’s world is about to be rocked in the second season of SUITS.

Gabriel Macht (photo credit: Nigel Parry)

Harvey’s Journey

GABRIEL:  Harvey’s a little bit more complicated.  I think there’s some more challenges along the way, and he’s up against these huge challenges.  I think that he’s just trying to fight even harder.  He’s got such a mentality of winning that it makes it just makes him a little bit more complicated in being easy with what’s going on.  So, I think it’s great for the character. . . There is a scandal. Travis Tanner from the first season comes back.  He sues the firm, and he tries to sue a General Motors-type car company. There’s some information that may have been buried. So Harvey’s been involved not once but twice in burying some evidence and that comes into question.  But the truth is he didn’t bury it.  It was looked over.  But it does set this huge sort of house of cards to sort of crumble, which is great for the dramatic purposes of the show.

Harvey’s Mask

GABRIEL:  Harvey’s always confident. I think I also think that underneath, deep inside, there’s a lot of insecurities that Harvey’s got, and that’s part of the reason that he’s sort of overconfident.  That’s sort of how he feels like he gets things done.  But [this season] he comes up against a lot of challenges that shakes his confidence.   I think he’s a guy that really does believe in presentation, and to protect his clients and to protect his streak, he sort of puts up that front. So maybe when his family comes into question, or see where he comes from, we can peek into why he is the way he is.  I look forward to that.   There are times though I think in his relationship with Jessica, where some of the mask sort of falls, and you see a bit more of his insecurities.  I don’t think he tries to let anybody else see it.  Donna, I think sees it.   We’re gonna see some really, really interesting things happen with Donna’s character, and some of their past, and how she makes her successes and her failures along the way, which is gonna be really quite dynamic.

Patrick Adams and Gabriel Macht (photo credit: Nigel Parry)

Harvey’s Thoughts on Mike & Rachel Romance

GABRIEL:   I think Harvey doesn’t really care.  Here’s what he does care about: he does care that Jessica knows and he cares if anybody else in their law firm knows.  So if Mike picks Rachel, he’s gonna have to lie to Rachel, or he’s gonna have to end that relationship.  There’s no two ways about it.  So I think Harvey feels like, “Do what you will.  If you want to continue dating this woman, go ahead, but you’re just gonna have to keep lying to her.”  I think that’s how he feels.

Harvey’s Trust

GABRIEL:  The funny thing is I think Harvey trusts Mike more than anybody else.  Whether or not he tells him that is another story.  But I think it’ll create a lot more interesting moments for the show and when he is able to reveal a little bit more of himself.  I look forward to that.

Harvey’s Moral Line

GABRIEL:  I truly believe that Harvey’s moral through line is really strict, and I think he has a really honest, straight moral ground.   His ways and his means of getting what he needs to win a case, or to protect his client is rogue and it’s completely alternative.  But I think underneath everything he stands for what’s right.  So that’s what I think makes him so heroic in so many ways.

To see how Harvey handle the pressure of facing off with Jessica over Mike, as well as the looming investigation into allegations of misconduct be sure to tune in for the premiere of SUITS on Thursday, June 14th at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network.  You think you know Harvey, but do you really?


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