SHERLOCK: A New Spin on a Familiar Tale (2012)

Unlike the well-known stories of Arthur Conan Doyle or any other incarnation of the Sherlock Holmes of lore, the British series SHERLOCK is all about shock and awe.  Coming from mastermind Steven Moffat (currently helming DOCTOR WHO), this modern tale spins a web of mystery that is worthy of the name “Sherlock.”  Much has been written about the series, which dares to bring the notorious detective into present day, but truly nothing can capture the visually stunning imagery and finesse with which the series brings its unique stories to life.  The series is as clever as the man himself and dares viewers to take an extraordinary journey with it.


For viewers who saw the first season of SHERLOCK, the 3-episode series was merely a teasing and tantalizing tid-bit that left fans breathless for more.  Fortunately, the second season provides three more tales to regale, horrify and taunt us.  Jumping right off where it left viewers clutching their hearts — with Sherlock Holmes about to detonate a bomb in order to thwart his evil nemesis Moriarty — the first episode of the 2nd series takes us on a wild ride as Holmes and Moriarty continue their wicked dance of illusion and strategic gamesmanship.  Pity any soul caught up in their web as it is not merely a game, but an elaborate mental dual to death.

Sherlock Holmes has always bemoaned that there was no one worthy of his superior intellect, yet when finally confronted with his match, will he be so quick to dispatch him or shall he want the game to continue for a while longer?  And is it possible that Moriarty is not only a worthy foe, but can actually anticipate Sherlock’s every move so that Sherlock himself is now caught in the cross-hairs?

In the premiere returning episode “A Scandal in Belgravia,” Sherlock also encounters the woman which his dreams are made of – one which can similarly match his intellectual and challenge him on all levels.  Based on the only woman who ever caught Sherlock’s eye, the second season of SHERLOCK has the audacity to introduce Irene Adler in the most memorable manner. With a woman worthy of his attention in the mix, Sherlock’s world tilts and so begins a unique love affair.

Irene Adler

Following the battle of wills and wits with Moriarty and Irene Adler, the second episode takes Sherlock to the door step of “The Hounds of Baskerville.”  Just like all the other classic tales of Sherlockian legend, this is not a tale you can predict and will perhaps leave fans scratching their heads.  But trust that all will be explained in the end.

Then in this season’s third installment, “The Reichenbach Fail,” the glory and mastery of SHERLOCK finally comes to light.  Moriarty returns with one final challenge for Sherlock and this time the game ends with a death that will make viewers gasp and wonder how the show could conceivably rise again afterwards.  However, Sherlock always has a plan – even when confronted with the likes of Moriarty.

Sit back, enjoy the ride, and hold onto your heart – this second season of SHERLOCK is going to surprise and delight in ways you cannot yet conceive.  You are going to love every minute of it!  SHERLOCK returns with its second season on Sunday, May 6th on PBS Masterpiece.

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