IN PLAIN SIGHT: Looking Towards The Future as Show Says Goodbye (2012)

Tangie Ambrose, Rachel Boston, Fred Weller, Mary McCormack, Lesley Ann Warren (Photo credit: Kevin Parry)

It is an achievement for any series to reach the 5-year benchmark these days on television, and when IN PLAIN SIGHT ends its wonderful run on May 4th, it will be with heavy hearts for many of the fans.  USA Network’s insightful and highly entertaining look at what it means to shepherd witnesses through the witness protection system charmed viewers with its quirky, yet warm-hearted characters.

In the world of IN PLAIN SIGHT, U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack) and her partner Marshall Mann (Fred Weller), along with their watchful boss Stan McQueen (Paul Ben-Victor) and newest WITSEC member Delia (Tangie Ambrose) comprised the core team charged with the care and well-being of a colorful array of WITSEC protectees in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Counter-balancing the work environment that kept Mary Shannon on her toes, were the equally colorful and charming family members that Mary came home to or found herself entangled, which included her mother Jinx (Lesley Ann Warren), her sister Brandi (Nichole Hiltz) and her career-criminal father James Shannon (Stephen Lang).  Over the course of the five seasons, Mary along with the unvarying support of her partner Marshall juggled witnesses, criminals, and the sticky situations involving her family and their respective romantic partners.

As the fifth season comes to a close, the very fate of the entire Albuquerque WITSEC program finds itself in the cross-hairs of budget constraints.  Additionally, Mary’s long-lost father just resurfaced and Marshall just proposed to his girlfriend, Abigail (Rachel Boston).  Life is changing all around and it remains to be seen how our heroes will weather all the turmoil.

In a special celebration of the series that captivated fans for five seasons, the Paley Center in Beverly Hills hosted a evening with the cast of  IN PLAIN SIGHT to honor the stories the show told and the characters it brought to life.  In interviews from the red carpet, the cast took a few minutes to chat about what they have loved about the show, where they hope to see their characters venture off to beyond the finale, and gave fun shout-outs to the fans.

Mary McCormack:

Fred Weller:

Lesley Ann Warren:

Tangie Ambrose:

Rachel Boston:

While the cast deftly deflected answering the question of whether Marshall and Abigail’s engagement continues safely down the path towards matrimony, or if Marshall and Mary’s unresolved feelings for each other will manifest finally now that the series is ending, the cast certainly teased that this is one of the big questions to be addressed over the course of the final three remaining episodes.  Also carefully dodged was just how much of an affect James Shannon, Mary’s father, will have on Mary’s life now that he is back and facing criminal charges.  But these are the issues that are coming right up and the show is certain to provide answers in the next few weeks.

IN PLAIN SIGHT’s countdown towards its 5th season finale continues, with new episodes on April 20th and April 27th, followed by the finale on May 4th.  Fans will love how all the stories come together and provide the long-awaited answers.  The window in Mary Shannon’s world may be closing for us, but undoubtedly her adventures will continue awaiting a chance to be written one day.  In the meantime, don’t miss a single second.  IN PLAIN SIGHT airs Friday nights at 10:00 p.m. on USA Network.

More great candid photos from the event can be seen HERE, HERE and HERE.

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Fred Weller and Mary McCormack (Photo credit: Trae Patton)
Rachel Boston (Photo credit: Kevin Parry Photography)
Fred Weller and Ali Marsh (Photo credit: Kevin Parry Photography)
Tangie Ambrose (Photo credit: Kevin Parry Photography)
Lesley Ann Warren (Photo credit: Kevin Parry Photography)
Mary McCormack (Photo credit: Kevin Parry Photography)

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