HART OF DIXIE: A Bachelorette and Bachelor Party Extravaganza (2012)

In the upcoming episode “Bachelorettes & Bullets”, airing April 16th, HART OF DIXIE rewards fans with an episode that has a bit of everything for everyone.  It has tears, laughter, surprises and lots and lots of bullets.  Things are going to be spicy and interesting with the dual celebrations of Lemon’s bachelorette party and George’s bachelor party.  While Lemon is being swooped away on a fun bus, courtesy of little sis Magnolia, George is planning a weekend with the boys of hunting at the cabin.  Astoundingly, both make clean getaways, but what happens during their simultaneous celebrations is a bit more entangled and messy.

After last week’s shocker where George saw Lavon kissing Lemon, if only for a second and then they both vanished before his eyes, George is not sure what he saw; and in true lawyerly-fashion, George must get to the bottom of that crazy sight before making any accusations.  Hilarity ensues as George investigates and everyone who is in on the big secret is tap-dancing to keep him in the dark.

Jesse and Zoe

Zoe, in the meantime, has made a vow to stay out of everyone’s business and meets a handsome stranger who has just come to town.  Fantastically portrayed by SMALLVILLE’s Justin Hartley, Jesse is just the distraction that Zoe needs in this time of crisis.  After all, Zoe is not the one who had the affair and she wants to keep as far away from that powder-keg of personal problems between George, Lemon and Lavon.  She is certain it is going to explode and she does not want to be anywhere near when it does.

Alas, fate has a funny way of intervening and bringing all parties back into the mix.  Just how Zoe ends up attending Lemon’s bachelorette party is a twist that no one saw coming.

Things with George’s bachelor party also take a turn to the dark-side when an unwanted visitor or two makes an appearance – one, which is big, furry, and very, very hungry.  This is where the lots and lots of bullets come into play.  (For those feint of heart, no actual animals were harmed during the filming of this episode!)  Let’s just say that this particularly unwelcome guest is courtesy of Lemon’s baby sis Magnolia.  Actually, while a lot of the funnier shenanigans in the episode can be placed squarely at Magnolia’s feet, it is a testament to sisterly-love how Magnolia steps up in the end.  That will be part of the laughing and cheering that I promise comes into play.

As for Lavon, he is suffering the after-effects of all the alcohol he consumed at the Rammer Jammer and that has left him a bit clueless as to the events unfolding around him.

Cluelessness is going around as Wade makes things a bigger muddle by inviting Lavon to the bachelor party.  Wade has a much bigger part to play in this little Shakespearean drama about to unfold.  Alas, there are way too many spoilers about that juicy nugget to share beforehand.  Suffice it to say, Wade is instrumental in helping Zoe figure out a few things and that will help her finally decide why her romantic love-life has been so unfruitful to date.

Lavon, Wade, Zoe, George, Lemon

Creator and producer Leila Gerstein has promised that there will be a significant development in the Zoe-George-Wade triangle before the end of the season and this episode foreshadows that resolution significantly. Co-star Wilson Bethel also cryptically hinted that there will be someone new coming to town (outside of Jesse), and he/she will be a prospective love-interest for one of the core characters in HART OF DIXIE.  However, his co-star Cress Williams was a bit befuddled by this revelation, so Leila had to reassure Cress that it was not someone for him. Though she quickly backtracked and clarified, not someone for Cress, but perhaps for Lavon.  But if the expression on Cress’ face was any indication, it is safe to say that Lavon’s heart still belongs to Lemon.

Then just how long Jesse will be in town and around Bluebell is undetermined at this point, but the door is wide-open for him to stick around.  Let’s just say that there is more in Bluebell holding appeal for Jesse than just Zoe.

Sneak peek of ‘Bachelorettes & Bullets’:

So this next episode of HART OF DIXIE really is a wonderful blend of everything we all know and love about the show.  It ensures that each of its characters has a chance to shine as each explores how bittersweet life is when the truth is revealed.   The ticking timebomb does explode and the aftermath leaves everyone shell-shocked and reeling.  Fortunately, in Bluebell, even when life looks its darkest, there is always a ray of light promising a brighter future.  “Bachelorettes & Bullets” is a heart-warming episode that really must be seen, to be believed.  Don’t miss it!  This is the episode you have been waiting all season for.

HART OF DIXIE airs Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. on the CW.

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