LOCKOUT: Maggie Grace Previews Her New Adventure Film (2012)


Playing wonderful homage to the blockbuster adventure films that starred Kurt Russell, Bruce Willis, and Harrison Ford, the new action adventure film “Lockout” introduces a new type of hero, Guy Pearce as Snow – a man who is given one last chance to redeem himself for his government: rescue the President’s daughter from a maximum security prison in space.  With so many things destined to go wrong:  a maximum security prison – in space  – combined with the thorny complication of the person to be rescued is the president’s daughter; it takes a man who is not only fearless, but who has a sense a humor about situation he finds himself suddenly thrust amongst.

Maggie Grace (photo credit: Jennifer Schadel)

But without much to lose, Snow willingly takes on the seemingly impossible task.  With wry humor and a quick wit, Snow finds himself not only tangling with the ruthless prison inmates – all who have nothing to lose as well – but with Emilie, the girl he is supposed to rescue.  Emilie, being the president’s daughter, is headstrong and willful herself.  In a deft and playful performance, co-star Maggie Grace quickly demonstrates that Emilie can hold her own as the stakes are raised.  Not willing to play the role of “damsel in distress,” Emilie makes the simple extraction and rescue a bit more complicated and fun antics and adventures ensue as Snow and Emilie race to get out.

From the writer and producer of “Taken,” the fast-paced film races from one extreme situation to the next.  The clock is ticking down and two lives are at stake.  Will Snow accomplish his one last mission?

Taking a few minutes to chat with press at WonderCon 2012, star Maggie Grace shared a few insights into her adventuresome role in “Lockout” and previewed “Taken 2.”

“Lockout” interview with Maggie Grace from Tiffany Vogt on Vimeo.

With its “take no prisoners” tagline, “Lockout” is game of cat-and-mouse — and no one wants to get caught.

Guy Pearce as Snow in "Lockout"

“Lockout” premieres April 13, 2012, with distribution provided by Open Road Films.  “Lockout” was directed by James Mather and Stephen St. Leger, produced by Marc Libert and Leila Smith, and written by Luc Besson (“Taken”), Stephen St. Leger and James Mather.  “Lockout” stars Guy Pearce (“L.A. Confidential”), Maggie Grace (“Lost”), and Lennie James (“Jericho”).

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