MISSING: It Brings Sexy Back Along With A Few Slick Spy Espionage Tricks (2012)

In this week’s episode of MISSING, the show dares to venture into the bedroom and pulls a trick or two from up their sleeve allowing Becca Winstone and her son Michael to prove why they are worthy of carrying this fine thriller series.

Becca and Giancarlo in "Missing"

The first 4 episodes were merely the set up to show how a mother and son would react in an international kidnapping scenario.  Now that it has been revealed in last week’s episode that husband and father Paul Winstone is alive, and perhaps the evil mastermind behind the kidnapping, the stakes have been raised.  Becca’s initial elation of her husband’s miraculous survival from the fiery bombing 10 years ago was soon turned to horror once she found out that he is a suspected arms dealer and CIA mole.  

Oksana and Michael in "Missing"

In addition, Michael is not willing to sit still for one more second and allow himself to be used and made a victim.  He is bound and determined to escape his captors and take fellow abductee Oksana with him.

Now that the whole family is involved, so to speak, it becomes an intricate dance of cat-and-mouse.  How far is Becca willing to trust her recently resurrected husband?  How much rope with the CIA give Becca to prove she has not been in cahoots and has orchestrated this elaborate kidnapping for some ulterior motive?  Who can Michael really trust as he plans his great escape so that he is not used as bait in this game he cannot even begin to fathom?  Then, not willing to be side-lined, what part do CIA Agent Dax Miller and Interpol Agent Giancarlo Rossi have to play with the game-changing reveal that Paul Winstone has risen from the dead?

At this week’s special event with the cast and creators of MISSING at the Paley Center, both Ashley Judd and Nick Eversman shared some clues and the mindset of their characters as the gripping drama unfolds.  In addition, producers Gregory Poirier, Gina Matthews and Grant Scharbo talked about the mystery of Martin Newman, Becca’s CIA mentor, and how the show ended up going to all those exotic locales to film the show.

Ashley Judd:

Nick Eversman:

Producers Gregory Poirier, Gina Matthews, Grant Scharbo:

In the upcoming episode entitled “The Three Bears,” viewers and fans will see who is hooking up, who can be trusted, and why a children’s story may hold the key to why Michael was kidnapped.

Simply put, this week’s episode of MISSING is not to be missed!  It airs Thursday, April 12th at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.


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Becca and Dax Miller in "Missing"
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