WONDERCON 2012: Interviews with Composers of CASTLE, PUSHING DAISIES

WonderCon 2012 provided so many rich opportunities to not only preview the hottest shows on television and the biggest movies coming to theaters near you, it allowed fans a chance to mingle with a fantastic variety of talent associated with film and television.  One special group that has begun to venture out into the conventions and which are talking about the art they create is music composers.  Music is not just about records, CD’s, MP3’s, concerts, or the latest song on the radio anymore.  Music is, in fact, prevalent in all aspects of entertainment these days.  It is the life-blood of any visual medium ranging from film to television, from commercials to movie trailers.  It is also an art form that has sparked growing attention and appreciation as fans are realizing that what we see is so much better with a bit of music bringing it to life.

While at WonderCon, composers Robert Duncan (composer for CASTLE), Nathan Barr (composer for TRUE BLOOD), Jim Dooley (composer for PUSHING DAISIES and WILFRED), David Ari Leon (composer for Disney XD’s AVENGERS), and Danny Jacob (composer for PHINEAS & FERB) candidly chatted about their musical art and the joy of composing for television.





Make no mistake: these guys are living the dream.  They have been given the chance to compose for some of the most exciting television shows around and they know it – and this is better than winning the lottery for most of them.  Life is not just about making a living at what you love doing, but also getting the chance to have it showcased for the entire world to see.  Especially now that television shows are being made available on DVD and online; it guarantees that their work will become a vital part of television history.

Music may be just a piece of the entire puzzle that makes a television show, from actors to producers to directors to writers to cinematographers to editors and so on, but music is still one of the most easily identifiable aspects.  How many times have you watched a movie or television show and were so struck by the song or music that you replayed the scene over and over again?  Most of us have.  There is something irresistible about music that draws us in and captivates us.  In fact, it can elevate visual imagery to the point of addictiveness.  A tender kiss may look amazing, but it is the music playing in the background during that momentous moment that hooks us.  It is a cerebral way for the audience to connect to the passion and emotion of that scene.  Then in contrast, it is like how a heart-wrenching death feels all that much more painful and crushing if accompanied by a few notes stretching out or echoing the loss.

Music is the fabric tying emotions together.  It may hint at something sinister; it may evoke satisfied passion; or it may provide solace for pain from a loss.  What we feel when we watch a show or movie is because the music makes that emotion real for us.  It is a special gift to create those moments.

So the next time you see something that moves you or leaves a profound impression, think about how that scene sounded.  I will bet you that the music was a crucial aspect to why that scene touched you.

To learn more about the men “behind the music,” here are the links to their websites showcasing their art:

Robert Duncan:  http://www.duncanmusic.com/

Nathan Barr:  http://www.nathanbarr.com/projects/

Jim Dooley: http://www.jimdooley.com/

David Ari Leon: http://www.soundmindmusic.com/

Danny Jacob: http://www.dannyjacobmusic.com/

(And special thanks to CW3PR for providing such a wonderful opportunity to interview them!)

More fun candid photos from the WonderCon press room can be found HERE.

Video clip from the WonderCon panel:

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