R.I.P. – Remembering 2011’s Memorable Television Character Deaths

The following are a few characters we fell in love with and lost in 2011. We salute the actors who endeared them to our hearts and wish them well as they venture on to new series and projects.  We will remember you fondly and hope to see you soon!

Mags Bennett (“Justified”)  – portrayed by Margo Martindale

Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman (“Once Upon A Time”) – portrayed by Jamie Dornan

(Though Jamie Dornan may return as The Huntman in the fairytale world — his final fate is T.B.D.)

Sofia Peletier (“The Walking Dead”) – portrayed by Madison Lintz

Ned Stark (“Game of Thrones”) – portrayed by Sean Bean

Vincent-Nigel Murray (“Bones”) – portrayed by Ryan Cartwright

Henry Burton (“Grey’s Anatomy”) – portrayed by Scott Foley

Aunt Jenna (“The Vampire Diaries”) – portrayed by Sara Canning

Rose (“The Vampire Diaries”) – portrayed by Lauren Cohan

Captain Montgomery (“Castle”) – portrayed by Ruben Santiago-Hudson

Castiel (“Supernatural”) – portrayed by Misha Collins

(There is rumors of Castiel’s return later in Season 7, but whether Misha Collins will return is speculative at this point.)

John Gilbert (“The Vampire Diaries”) – portrayed by David Anders

Gemma Butler (“Ringer”) – portrayed by Tara Summers

Daniel Grayston (“Revenge”) – portrayed by Josh Bowman

(Since the series is shown in flashback, Daniel Grayston is only presumed dead in the pilot episode.  He continues as a regular for 2012 as the show continues in flashback-mode.)

Tara (“True Blood”) – portrayed by Rutina Wesley

Nick Armstrong (“The Secret Circle”) – portrayed by Louis Hunter

Dr. Vera Juarez (“Torchwood: Miracle Day”) – portrayed by Arlene Tur

Esther Drummond (“Torchwood: Miracle Day”) – portrayed by Alexis Havins

Mitchell (“Being Human”) – portrayed by Aidan Turner

Drogo (“Game of Thrones”) – portrayed by Jason Momoa

Andie Star (“The Vampire Diaries”) – portrayed by Dawn Olivieri

Antonio Betz (“The Chicago Code”) – portrayed by Manny Montana

Lt. Alicia Washington (“Terra Nova”) – portrayed by Simone Kessell

Jasmine (“The Nine Lives of Chloe King”) – portrayed by Alyssa Diaz

Brian (“The Nine Lives of Chloe King”) – portrayed by Grey Damon

Steve Jinks (“Warehouse 13”) – portrayed by Aaron Ashmore

(Steve Jinks may be revived in 2012, but as of the end of 2011, he remains dead.)

Aunt Marie (“Grimm”) – portrayed by Kate Burton

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