Syfy’s HAVEN Continues To Be A Summer Thriller (2011)

As the second season of Syfy’s supernatural series HAVEN wraps up its summer season for a long winter of hibernation, fans are holding their breath wondering if the big mythology arcs of this season will be nicely tied up with a bow, or if we will be left-hanging with a wallop of a cliff-hanger.   Either way, we are sitting on the edge of our seats, anxiously awaiting what is next.

After a summer filled with doppelgangers, a thief stealing abilities, renegade machines, demonic trees, time-loops, fish people, a man whose dark side manifests in copycats, a poisonous abuse victim, and flesh eating children, HAVEN has explored a variety of creepy and yet haunting stories of those affected by the “troubles” and the agony it wreaks in their lives – and all does not necessary end well for those caught up in these events.   For some, living in the town of Haven is not a blessing, but it is a curse and one that they desperately would love to have gone from their lives.

Friday night’s penultimate episode before the big Season 2 finale on September 30th promises to be riveting.  The episode entitled “Business As Usual” is likely to be anything but usual:  someone is leaving mummified dead bodies around Haven.  While deputies Nathan Wournos and Audrey Parker are tied up with that mystifying mystery, local smuggler, part-time businessman Duke Crocker is struggling with his own inner demons.

After last week’s shocking death of Reverend Driscoll, who took with him to the grave the secrets that Duke desperately sought about his father and the mysterious tattooed man who is prophesied to kill him, it is fair to say that Duke will be at odds with his former frenemies.  After all, Audrey killed the good ole Reverend when she could have easily maimed him.  That plus the fact that Nathan and Audrey seem to be getting closer is going to push more than a few “hot buttons” with Duke.  Fresh off the loss of both the Reverend and his estranged wife, Evi, Duke is looking for blood. Answers are not good enough; he needs to even the playing field a bit.  But will Duke find that he still has a heart of gold under all his self-serving and vengeful instincts?  Surely the past two seasons of friendship with Audrey and Nathan will not be so easily cast aside in a fit anger and pique.

In addition, will the looming romantic entanglement of Nathan and Audrey truly blossom into a relationship or will they continue flirting with fate and each other? Last season’s revelation that Nathan (who is afflicted with the inability to feel anyone or anything) can actually feel Audrey’s touch, whipped fans into a frenzy.  As the show continued to lace the series with bread-crumbs allowing fans to follow the star-crossed love story of Nathan and Audrey, it was a delicious treat to watch Nathan react with near ecstasy with each and every touch.  It was also that unique revelation that clued in Nathan that Audrey had been replaced by a desperate shape-shifter last season, which also provided one of the most touching episodes to date when Nathan thought he had lost Audrey forever.  The subsequent episodes and the episodes of this season have introduced barriers to the Nathan-Audrey relationship, but the boiling sexual tension must be satisfied at some point and with a rumored kiss on the horizon, this is the time to be watching this show.

With Evi’s death and Chris Brody (Audrey’s summer fling) rendered to the wings of the show for the moment, another friendly face has been introduced to aid in Haven’s “troubles”:  Dwight Hendrickson– Haven’s “cleaner” (portrayed by WWE’s The Edge, Adam Copeland) – who has surfaced as the go-to guy in a pinch.  Dwight not only cleans up the nastier side of Haven’s “troubles,” he is a handy guy to have around when the bullets start flying — for as he wryly told Nathan, “bullets seem to find me.”  Alas, while bullets may zero in on Dwight as if he were a human-magnet, Dwight is not bullet-proof. And if the previews of this next episode are any indication, Dwight’s ability will not be a blessing when he tangles with Duke and shots are fired.

Just what is going on in Haven and whether its mysteries will be resolved or if there are threads to be followed into the next season remains to be seen.  But one thing we are desperate to find out is whether Dwight and Duke will live to see the remainder of the season and whether Nathan and Audrey will continue their delicate dance around each other.  As the season comes to a close: will death-come-a-knocking or will romance blossom?  And will we ever find out exactly who Audrey Parker really is?

After the discovery that Audrey Parker is not actually Audrey Parker and merely has the memories of another woman, the question of who Audrey is has been hanging over the show.  Just who she is, why she does not remember her past and why she or someone else felt it was necessary for her to steal someone else’s identity is a massive mystery.  Local newspapermen Vince and Dave Teagues clearly know more than they are telling about Audrey’s past and how it connects to a woman who looks exactly like her, Lucy, who came to Haven several years ago, but they are keeping that secret to themselves for the time being.  It begs the question of whether Audrey could really be Lucy and if so, how could she have not aged one day in the intervening 27 years?  It boggles the mind to conceive of it, but given Audrey’s natural ability to be immune to most of the town’s “troubles,” perhaps one of her special abilities is regeneration or the ability to defy aging.

Whatever is going on in Haven, it has ensnared Audrey, Nathan and Duke in a collision-course with some yet unknown enemy.  Who exactly is the puppet-master behind the curtain and bringing all these “troubles” to their world remains to be seen; for surely, a curse does not manifest on its own without a little help from someone or something.

To find out what lies ahead for Duke, Nathan, Audrey and Dwight and their destiny-intertwined fates, be sure to tune-in Friday, September 23rd at 10:00 p.m. on Syfy.

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