RAISING HOPE: Jason Lee previews his special guest-appearance (2010)

In a recent conference call with NiceGirlsTV, Jason Lee shared that what drew him into the zany world of “Raising Hope” was the opportunity to reunite with Greg Garcia, who he worked with on “My Name Is Earl.”  Lee fondly recalled working with Garcia on “Earl” and literally jumped at the chance when offered the chance to play a role in Garcia’s new comedy series “Raising Hope.”

Lee was also excited to work with the extremely talented cast of “Raising Hope” who welcomed him graciously.  While Lee acknowledged that it felt strange to work on a set that felt like “My Name Is Earl” but was not his own show; it was still a fun experience for Lee because everyone was so light-hearted and having a great time.  In fact, it made Lee miss “Earl” at that much more.   Thus, Lee would love the chance to work with Garcia again and hopes that if Garcia develops another comedy series that he will get to be a part of it.

Sharing a bit about his outlandish character Smokey Floyd who makes an appearance in the November 30th episode of “Raising Hope,” Lee said that Smokey is one of those guys who thinks he is really special – which unfortunately means he is obnoxious, annoying and full of himself.  So portraying Smokey made Lee feel like he was doing a “Saturday Night Live” skit simply because Smoky is such a jerk – albeit with a few redeeming qualities.

For Lee, the experience was great as he enjoyed getting a chance to play an aging rock star with the same hair and clothes he wore in the ‘80’s, who does not seem to realize that he looks like a loser; and the hair and make-up transformation was particularly fun as Lee got to go from “bad-ass” to “even badder-asser.”  Though Lee sheepishly confessed that it was scary to see what he would look like when he is older.

As of fan of “Raising Hope”, Lee has seen every episode and would love for Smokey to be a recurring character.  Lee simply likes all of Garica’s characters as Garcia tries to find the redeeming qualities in all of his characters. Plus, Garcia creates such a positive vibe on his shows and that it combined with some good karma has helped make “Raising Hope” the success that it is.

As for what Lee is doing right now that his series “Memphis Beat” is on hiatus, Lee shared that he has been having fun doing voice work, which holds a lot of appeal because he has an opportunity to express everything through his voice, without relying on his body and facial expressions and he relishes the chance to mix it up.   Also, upcoming is a third “Alvin & the Chipmunks” film and a pilot which Lee wrote for Adult Swim centered in the world of skateboarding, which Lee describes as “twisted and out there.”  Mostly Lee is excited about all the cool projects he is getting to be a part of and the flexibility and variety it all provides.  His life is blessed with an abundance of riches and he is relishing every moment of it.

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