STARGATE UNIVERSE: Love is in the air for the 2nd season (2010)

At the Comic-Con panel for “Stargate Universe,” a few of the nuggets shared with the fans were that not only does Eli finally get some geek lovin’, T.J. may also be ready to embark on a new romance. The upcoming season will not only downplay the tensions between the Lucians and the Destiny survivors, they will explore a peaceful and mutually beneficial coexistence. The best part of that newfound, if tentative alliance will be the expansion of their little universe of potential romantic interests.

Both David Blue and Alaina Huffman were delighted with the opportunity to delve deeper into their character’s romantic natures. Being as isolated as they all are in the fringe edge of the universe, one cannot live by fear alone. So live on Destiny will venture into the lighter side of life as they seek out relationships and explore possibilities of moving forward in their lives — not just trying to escape from the life thrust upon them.

Ming Na was a bit more circumspect about what lies ahead for her character, so there may be a bit of a mystery that unravels around her.

Additionally, actor Robert Knepper, best known for his roles on “Heroes” and “Prison Break,” will joining the cast this next season as one of the arch villains. Dr. Rush may have finally met his match as he will have a brand new nemesis to go head to head up against.

Another challenge for Robert Carlyle was getting the opportunity to direct the 4th episode of the upcoming season, which due to scheduling had to be film first as they all returned from hiatus. This proved climatically challenging as weather in Vancouver was particularly wet and cold and provided some of the most difficult filming conditions for the cast.

Despite enduring freezing temperatures, it was agreed that the weather provided a unique element to the quality of the episode. Sometimes bad weather can be a blessing in disguise if it inspires them to reach deeper into their characters for the rawness necessary for their emotional scenes.

Finally, a few last nuggets to look forward to included the fact that Dr. Rush makes a unique discovery that he will conceal from his Destiny mates out of fear that they will misuse it; and Robert Carlyle will also be playing up against himself in the episode “Twin Destinies” when a future version of Dr. Rush comes back to warn them about what is coming.

With the isolation and loneliness wearing everyone’s emotions a bit ragged, it will be important for both the Lucians and Destiny survivors to embrace a common goal — a mission to keep them motivated and focused so that they do not sink into personal pits of despair at the hopelessness of their seclusion in space.

The second season of “Stargate Universe” will undoubtedly take everyone closer to the edge as they are tested even further to their limits and having to combat persistent aliens tracking them through the vast morass of space.

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